Cover Reveal: “Weaving Destiny”

One of the books featured in my In My Mailbox post this week was “The Soulkeepers” by G.P. Ching. I’m going to be reading it this week (I’ve heard lovely things about it), but for now…here is the cover for the second book in The Soulkeepers Series, “Weaving Destiny”.

The following information has been provided by the author:

Weaving Destiny

Coming Fall 2011

Malini Gupta thought Jacob Lau was her destiny, that they were meant to be together. But after months of failing to decipher how she fits into the Soulkeepers, frustration threatens to tear their relationship apart. As does a new Soulkeeper named Mara who is ready to stop time itself to earn Jacob’s love.

When Malini faces her worst fears and even death, she learns a funny thing about destiny; nobody said hers couldn’t change. The future is a tapestry of choices, and she’s about to weave hers.

G.P. Ching Short Bio

G.P. Ching is an award-winning short fiction writer turned novelist and co-founder of DarkSide Publishing. She lives in Illinois with her husband, two daughters, and a very demanding guinea pig. Her first novel, The Soulkeepers, is currently the #1 top rated book in its category on Amazon.

Learn more about G.P. at

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About The Cover

Adam Bedore of Anjin Design creates all of the covers for The Soulkeepers series. Adam uses a special technique to build depth, emotion, and a little mystery into the art. It is truly multi-dimensional. This cover features Malini wearing the same red stone from book one. You will also notice a tapestry design shadowed in the background that plays an important role in the story.

Learn more about the artist at


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