Review: Ashfall (Ashfall #1) by Mike Mullin

Ashfall (Ashfall, #1)Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Hardcover, 466 pages
Published October 11th 2011 by Tanglewood Press
Review Copy: NetGalley
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Goodreads Descripion:

Under the bubbling hot springs and geysers of Yellowstone National Park is a supervolcano. Most people don’t know it’s there. The caldera is so large that it can only be seen from a plane or satellite. It just could be overdue for an eruption, which would change the landscape and climate of our planet.

Ashfall is the story of Alex, a teenage boy left alone for the weekend while his parents visit relatives. When the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts unexpectedly, Alex is determined to reach his parents. He must travel over a hundred miles in a landscape transformed by a foot of ash and the destruction of every modern convenience that he has ever known, and through a new world in which disaster has brought out both the best and worst in people desperate for food, water, and warmth. With a combination of nonstop action, a little romance, and very real science, this is a story that is difficult to stop reading and even more difficult to forget.

My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Ashfall” may start off slow in the beginning, but the payoff in the end is wonderful.

I’ll be the first to admit I requested this title off of NetGalley based on the cover alone. The cover for “Ashfall” is absolutely perfect – it captures the tone of the story wonderfully. I was happy to see that the pages within were just as wonderful.

The story is about Alex, a young boy who has found himself alone at home for the weekend when the chaos begins. His family took off to visit family a few hours earlier. Leaving Alex alone when his house catches on fire.

Alex goes in search of help, running to the local fire station. After trying to contact back up, the firefighters bring Alex back to his house where they manage to put out the fire, although they still can’t figure out what caused it.

That’s when all hell breaks loose.

It’s a tale of survival in which the world as we once knew it no longer exists.

Honestly, “Ashfall” is one of those books that’ll keep you up all night because you won’t be able to put it down until you’re finished. It’s that good.

What makes this book excellent is that this is an apocalyptic story that could actually happen. It’s set in the real world, in the present time. On top of that, the characters, mainly Alex and Darla, are wonderfully developed characters.

Would I recommend “Ashfall”? Without a doubt, yes.

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