NaNoWriMo Update #1

November 1st began NaNoWriMo. Basically, you have thirty days to write a 50,000 word novel. At the end, you should have a complete first draft. I participated last year for the first time, in which I wrote “Capture” (now titled “The Fall”). It was the first novel I’d ever written, and a year later I’ve finished the manuscript. Going into NaNo this year, I’m on my third manuscript. I started “Submerged” a few months back while working on rewrites for “Program 13”, and I got maybe 3k in before I stopped. I’m hoping to have the first draft done by December 1st…so we’ll see.

Day #6 Progress:

My current word count: 6,910

Words remaining: 43,090

Novel Description:

Set in a futuristic Florida, “Submerged” tells the story of Taylen, a seventeen year old girl living in the soon to be destroyed state. When the water comes, it’ll all be gone – they will all be gone. At least, that is what the government is hoping.Unfortunately for them, not everything works out that way.Against all odds, Taylen manages to survive the flooding – finding herself in the arms of a stranger on The Island. But they aren’t supposed to be here. When and if the government finds them, they will try to kill them. It’s a fight for survival. Will Taylen be able to win?

A sample of my manuscript (keep in mind, this isn’t edited):

I dropped my flip flops on the floor, sliding my feet into them. I glanced around, hoping no one noticed the sand caked on my feet. I rolled up the sleeves of my t-shirt and headed towards my family’s new home. Our house sat a few rows back from the entrance, house no. 12. As I slid inside the front door, I met my mother’s gaze. “Where have you been? Do you realize how much trouble you could have caused us?” She was angry, but her voice was low as to avoid any unwanted attention. “Get into your proper clothing before the Guards come. I don’t want any trouble, do you hear me?”

“You act as though no one has seen me yet. I’m sure the Guards have already noticed my lack of proper attire, mother.”

She rose her finger, ready to protest, when a knock at the door interrupted her. “Daily inspection, open up!” the voice beckoned behind the closed door.

“Go change. Now!”

I’ll be locking myself away to write the rest of the day, so that I catch up to where I need to be. I should be able to hit 15k by midnight tonight.

How are you doing in NaNo?


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