My Thoughts on “Breaking Dawn: Part 1”

I’m a Twilight fan. I make no effort to hide that. Not everyone likes the series or the movies, and I respect that. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. This review is by a fan, so naturally, I’m going to be a bit biased – but this is what I thought of “Breaking Dawn: Part 1”.

Don’t worry; I’m going to keep this short and sweet…

While “Breaking Dawn” wasn’t my favorite of the books (I can admit I spent a good portion of the time scratching my head), I did love the story and I was anxious to see it hit the big screen. “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” is hands down the best movie from the series, so far (there’s still part 2!). Bill Condon was given a tough job with Part 1. Not only did he have to live up to the fans expectations of the wedding and the honeymoon, but he also had to find a way to handle that birth scene and Bella’s transformation. And honestly, to say that he did a great job would be lying. He absolutely nailed it.

  • The wedding: It brought back the romance that we fell in love with during “Twilight”.
  • The honeymoon: It was beautifully shot. Breaking headboard. Feathers. Vampire shock. I mean really, I think the fans were more than pleased.
  • The birth scene: on my second viewing, I was with a crowd that hadn’t really read the books (I only know this because most of them kept asking the others what was going on). And even though I had read the books, I found myself on the edge of my seat with the rest of them.
  • Bella’s transformation: I kid you not when I say that the audience during my second viewing let out an audible gasp when she opened her eyes. Even though we all expected them to end the film there, it was still a chilling image.

“Breaking Dawn” is ultimately a movie for the fans. Bill Condon truly delivered. I know I’ve said that about Chris and David (yeah, sorry Catherine)…but “Breaking Dawn” exceeded my expectations. The year-long wait for Part 2 may just be the death of me.

And yes, there is a strange wolf scene in the movie. It may come off as ridiculous, but I think it was handled in the best way possible.


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