Cover Reveal: “Sleepers” by Megg Jensen

I fell in love with “Sleepers” earlier this year. Megg Jensen has yet to disappoint, everything I read of hers is fantastic (and I can’t wait to finish The Cloud Prophet Trilogy over the weekend, finally). However, when the cover for “Sleepers” was revealed earlier this year, I’ll admit I was a bit surprised. The covers for The Cloud Prophet Trilogy are stunning, but the cover for “Sleepers” I wasn’t too crazy about (it wasn’t horrible, but I don’t think it was nearly as stunning as her other covers). Well, Megg has a new cover for “Sleepers” and it’s absolutely perfect:

What Megg posted on her blog concerning the change in cover art:

When I originally commissioned the artwork for Sleepers from Robin Ludwig Design, I was absolutely in love with it. I still am.

But as I prepared to continue with the trilogy, I had a really hard time coming up with concepts for what I wanted the other two covers to be. I had heard about artist PhatPuppy months ago and knew she designed some cover art for Amanda Hocking. I spent hours going through her website, falling in love with multiple pieces of artwork.

The more I combed through her art, the more I realized that there were pieces that embodied exactly what I was looking for. A couple were perfect, in fact. I decided to take the plunge and use her artwork for my next two books. Yet…it wouldn’t match Sleepers original cover and I needed this trilogy to make sense visually. It was agonizing for me, but I decided to recover Sleepers.

If you haven’t read “Sleepers” yet, you can purchase the e-book for $0.99 now! It’s a wonderful fantasy read.


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