Review: Crow’s Row by Julie Hockley

Crow's RowCrow's Row by Julie Hockley

Paperback, 408 pages
Published: April 13th, 2011
Review Copy: Author Provided
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Descripotion from Goodreads:
For college student Emily Sheppard, the thought of spending a summer alone in New York is much more preferable than spending it in France with her parents. Just completing her freshman year at Callister University, Emily faces a quiet summer in the city slums, supporting herself by working at the campus library.During one of her jogs through the nearby cemetery while visiting her brother Bill’s grave, Emily witnesses a brutal killing-and then she blacks out. When Emily regains consciousness, she realizes she’s been kidnapped by a young crime boss and his gang. She is hurled into a secret underworld, wondering why she is still alive and for how long.

Held captive in rural Vermont, she tries to make sense of her situation and what it means. While uncovering secrets about her brother and his untimely death, Emily falls in love with her very rich and very dangerous captor, twenty-six year- old Cameron. She understands it’s a forbidden love and one that won’t allow her to return to her previous life. But love may not be enough to save Emily when no one even knows she is missing.

My Review:

My rating: 3.8/5 Stars

A while back, Julie contacted me asking if I’d review her novel “Crow’s Row”. I hadn’t heard much of “Crow’s Row” beforehand, but after reading the description and seeing the reviews on Goodreads, I decided it was worth checking out. I ended up giving “Crow’s Row” 3.8/5 stars – this being the first time I’ve ever given a book a 3.8 – because while I enjoyed it, it did take a while for me to really feel invested in the story.

While on her daily run to her brother’s grave, Emily meets Cameron – after being attacked by his dog. Their first meeting doesn’t go too well. After being attacked by Cameron’s dog and finding her Walkman – her prized possession – has been crushed, Emily wants nothing more than to go home. When she runs into Cameron again the following day while on her run, he attempts to apologize, but it doesn’t go over as well as planned (given how stubborn Emily is). But when she leaves, she can’t help but to think about the mysterious Cameron, finding herself on the verge of obsession.

I can honestly admit, I was almost ready to give up at this point in fear of ‘instalove’. I mean, after two meetings, she’s already obsessing over the boy? But I’m glad that I didn’t, because even though you think that’s where Hockley is taking the story, their relationship, that isn’t what happens. The relationship between Emily and Cameron is actually given the chance to blossom, even with a kidnapping and a murder thrown in.

“Crow’s Row” isn’t your typical YA novel and I think that’s why it’s so enjoyable. Hockley has created a truly intriguing story with characters that you’ll easily fall in love with (namely Emily and Cameron). I hope that there’s more to their story, especially given the ending, but if there isn’t, I’m satisfied with the story that Hockley has given us.

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