Review: “Top of the Class (Borrowing Abby Grace, #3)” by Kelly Green

Top of the Class (Borrowing Abby Grace, #3)Top of the Class by Kelly Green

Published December 2011 by Backlit Fiction, LCC

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Description From Goodreads:

Episode 3: Top of the Class

Abby finds herself in a boy’s body for the first time, where she has to fumble her way through a secret love affair, while getting to the bottom of a grade-tampering scandal that could send her to jail.

My Review:
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Borrowing Abby Grace series thus far, and I can’t wait to see where Kelly takes Abby next. On that note, I’d have to say “Top of the Class” has been my favorite episode to date.
In this episode, Abby finds herself in a boy’s body for the first time and let’s just say hilarity ensues. Waking up as a boy, completely naked, with a girl laying in her – er, Eric’s – bed? It’s such an uncomfortable scene for Abby, but a hilarious scene for the reader.
When Abby asks Will, her Guardian, what her mission is, he simply replies that secrets are no fun. But Abby doesn’t understand what Will is talking about. Soon enough, however, she’ll learn that Eric’s life seems to be full of secrets as of late, and she’ll need to sort through them all in order to leave Eric’s body and hopefully return to her own life.
Watching as Abby and Will share a deeper connection, much deeper than we’ve seen in any of the other episodes, I found myself curious as to where Green plans on taking their story next. There are clearly feelings between the two and I’m eager to see as to whether or not Green will develop the potential there, somehow.
“Top of the Class” will leave you in a shocked state when you reach the end. The twists in this story were never-ending. Just as soon as you think you know who was behind the framing, you’re proven wrong. And Schecter’s words to Abby? I can’t wait to see how he knows.
If you’re looking for a fun series, that you’ll be able to easily devour, then look into the Borrowing Abby Grace series.

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