Review: Courtney Crumrin and The Coven of Mystics (Courtney Crumrin #2) by Ted Naifeh

Courtney Crumrin and The Coven of Mystics (Volume 2)Courtney Crumrin and The Coven of Mystics by Ted Naifeh

Paperback, 128 pages
Published September 24th 2003 by Oni Press
Review Copy: Purchased
Description from Goodreads:
Courtney Crumrin is back in a new adventure that pits her against the town’s most powerful warlocks and witches, the Coven of Mystics! When the night things of Courtney’s community start causing trouble, it’s up to the girl to find out why. The coven blames the hobgoblin initially but quickly turns its ire to Skarrow, a night thing in service to the town’s most reclusive witch. Uncle Aloysius doesn’t believe the disturbances are that easy to explain. His dismissal of the Coven’s alleged culprit starts Courtney down a twisted path that leads to the true mastermind behind all the horror! But does Courtney stand a chance against a being that powerful and manipulative?
My Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After finishing volume one last week, I immediately took to Amazon in search of volume two. While I enjoyed volume one, I must say that I found volume two to be more exciting. Courtney is such a fantastic character. I adored her in volume one (her wit, her determination), but I must say that in volume two she’s even better. She’s stubborn, strong, and determined to make things right. It’s hard not to love her.

In volume two, Courtney and her uncle find themselves desperate to protect Skarrow, a night creature being held accountable for something he didn’t do. The council wants him taken prisoner, but Courtney and her uncle refuse to hand him over, insisting that he’s innocent. But when their hopes of saving him fail, Courtney will do everything in her power to make things right (insert badass Courtney here).

With wonderful graphics, a fun, and thrilling plot, and characters you’ll come to love…I’d easily recommend the Courtney Crumrin graphic novels.

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