{Indie Spotlight Feature} Guest Post by Sally Dubats (+ eBook giveaway!!!)

Today, I have a very special post for you all. Author Sally Dubats has written a wonderful guest post for my blog. I hope you find it as interesting a read as I did, and if you have yet to check out her book, why not request a free copy in the comments below?!

I thought a long time about what would be the best topic to write about for Nicole’s guest blog, and I thought the perfect thing would be to write about something my main character, Cassie, would do, and sprinkle a little magick!
My book, “The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds”, is about a young girl who is a Witch, but not a “Hollywood Stereotype”. She’s real. Wicca is her religion. Nicole had asked a question for my interview about why I wrote the book, and I said because I want everyone to know who Witches really are. I also want people to feel empowered and take charge of their lives. My main character, Cassie, might not always make the best decisions in life, so when life turns sour, Cassie does magick. And I think that’s the point. I think we can be conscientious and make better choices, but we can also be guided by God, Spirit, Goddess, the Universe, or our Higher Self when making those decisions, and feel empowered.
When Witches have a challenge, we do spells. I certainly can’t speak for all Witches, but many who I know turn to the Craft for guidance, or to turn their lives around, and create the life they want to live. That’s what “Grimoire” is all about. Well, that and an urban fantasy combined with a love story 🙂
So, back to sprinkling a little magick. This is something Cassie would do, and something you can do no matter what your religion is, and even if you choose not to practice any religion. It’s candle magick. The roots of lighting a candle as a spiritual practice pre-date Judaism and Christianity and are used in Buddhism and Hinduism and other religions. Here is one of the most basic forms of candle magick (except for blowing out birthday candles, which is about as basic as you can get!).
Think about what you want to bring more of into your life, more love, prosperity, devotion, being open to a new direction, feeling better for any reason, joy, better grades, being healthier, peace in your home — the possibilities are infinite. Buy a candle, the kind that fills a tall glass container. You can get them with religious symbols and figures or flowers, or plain. Most candle magick is very specific, but this particular kind of candle magick allows you to be very broad and general.
Begin on a new moon, and each night after dinner or when the day has calmed down, just focus for a moment on the property or trait you selected, and light the candle. Go about your business, whether it’s reading, working out, watching tv, homework, or whatever. Each time you see the candle or become aware of it, feel that you already have drawn the change into your life. If you want more Peace in your home, visualize your home at Peace. Feel it. Own it! Smile with the knowledge that it already exists, and just allow.
Please be safe, and extinguish the candle at the end of each night, and don’t leave the candle unattended when lit.
Re-light your candle the next night with the same intention, and each night until the moon is full. It’s okay if you skip a night. The candle will be there when you’re ready to light it. When the full moon comes, see how your life has changed in the short time between the New Moon and the Full moon! Sometimes the change is subtle; sometimes the change is profound. This simple candle magick is just a general gentle reminder that you are manifesting a Better You.
Thank you so much for reading! I’m always happy to get e-mail!
Brightest blessings!

A “thank you” to Sally:

I just wanted to say thank you to Sally for being a joy to work with this past month! You’ve definitely been one of the nicest authors I’ve ever had the chance to work with. 🙂

I will be posting my review over the weekend for VEIL BETWEEN WORLDS!


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  1. I would LOVE to have a free copy of this book. Pagan books have been disappearing from the mainstream bookstores the last few years. Sounds like a GREAT read!

  2. I’d like to have a copy as well . Is it just e-book or paper? If it is e-book do I need to buy a reader deal for it to work?
    Sincerely , Pagan_Pamela

    • Hi Pagan,
      You don’t need an e-book reader to read the e-book. 🙂
      There’s an Amazon Kindle Application, a Nook application, and Adode Digital Editions in which you can use to read the e-book on your computer. 🙂
      If you’d rather not read on your computer, we can send you a PDF copy so that you can print it out? Up to you!

      Happy reading!

  3. I too would love a free book. 🙂
    Thank You.

  4. I’m so excited about this book! Would love a copy!
    I’m on iPad so either kindle or iBook works I guess 🙂

    Thank you so much for doing this, so hard to come by books like these in Norway.

    Blessed be

  5. Aw! Thank you so much! Can’t wait! ❤
    Love from Lily 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great read!! Would love to have a copy; I have a Kindle Fire so if I’m not wrong the compatible format should be .mobi right? Anyway, I had a great time reading the post, thanks! (:

  7. Sounds like a great read!! Would love to have a copy; I’m on Kindle Fire (: Thanks!

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