If you’ve visited the blog over the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been posting very often. It isn’t because I’m giving up the blog, I’m not. Life has just been a bit too crazy as of late. I’ve been battling some sort of stomach bug for the past two weeks all while working over 40 hours a week, revising a manuscript (after a request for a full), and babysitting my niece and nephew. Unfortunately, the blog ended up suffering, and I’m now drowning in reviews.

  • I will be closed to self-published review requests effective immediately.
  • I will also be discontinuing the Indie Spotlight Feature. I had a blast working with Sally to promote her book, but I just didn’t feel like I was as focused as I would’ve liked to have been.
  • This means that I will not accept review requests from self published authors until otherwise noted. I will happily review any self published books that I own (which is quite a bit already), but that’s it for right now.

I want to clean up my NetGalley books, and then work on diving into the tumbling stacks of purchased books in my bedroom. 

I will be posting reviews for the following books this week:

  1. On a Dark Wing
  2. Fracture
  3. The Alchemy of Forever
  4. The Way We Fall
  5. Veil Between Worlds (review over the weekend)
  6. Drowning Instinct
  7. Everneath
  8. Every Other Day

I do want to say sorry for falling behind.

Hopefully I’ll be back on track by the end of next week!




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