New covers for “Obsidian” and “Shadows”!

Jennifer just posted the new covers for Obsidian and Shadows on her blog (the new cover for Onyx hasn’t been revealed yet). I usually hate when books get new covers, but I actually prefer these…and yes, I will be buying the new paperback version of Obsidian. 😉

From Jennifer’s blog:

And here is the Obsidian revamped cover. And why yes, that is a awesome blurb by the amazing Deborah Cooke. Sqeee!
The second edition print run for Obsidain will include two POV scenes from Daemon (never seen before.) 
Those scenes are:
Porch scene
And one other… I’ll never tell.
This version of Obsidian will be available on April 10th, 2012
More information on the Shadows cover/possible paperback release:
A quick background on Shadows. It’s a prequel novella to Obsidian, featuring three points of view: Dawson, Beth, and Daemon.  Yep, it’s a novella, but the little bugger came in around 47k words, so its pretty big.
The initial release will be digital ONLY and available wherever digital books are sold. When the pre-order links are available, you guys will be the first to know.  I’m being told it will be sold for $2.99 and will possibly go into print eventually.  I hope so, because I love that cover.
Thoughts on the new covers? Do you prefer the old covers?
I don’t think I can possibly sum up how eager I am for Shadows an Onyx to release. 

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