The Hunger Games Mall Tour: Plantation Stop!

The photo’s I managed to snap (there aren’t very good due to the fact that I’m really, really short):


My personal experience: I’m beyond excited for The Hunger Games to release later this month, I went to the mall tour, hoping to be around a bunch of other fans and have fun. Lets just say that the mall tour wasn’t as fun as I hoped it would be. I arrived there at 2pm – when they were supposed to be giving away meet and greet wristbands. At this point, there were no posters being distributed or any information as to where to go to look for wristbands (wristbands were later given out by Y100 to those who competed in their singing/dancing/trivia/pleading giveaways; posters were later distributed while we were shoulder to shoulder, forcing people to fight for them).  They were pretty good on distributing water though, I’ll give them that. But that’s about it. To say that the event was pure chaos would be putting it nicely. There was very little organization going on there. When the cast came on (at 6:30, not 6pm as stated by the mall staff), they only answered four questions (I overestimated when I said ten, the mall’s Facebook page clearly only had 4 questions/answers posted). I didn’t hear any of the answers, so I couldn’t tell you what was said. All I know is that the actor playing Cato is extremely attractive. 😉

I didn’t have a great time, but it definitely was a once in a lifetime experience. And I’m glad I went (I usually skip the mall events). The only real downside (other than the disorganization) is that someone stole my point and shoot camera. Thankfully I had my SLR as back-up, but still…don’t steal people’s belongings. It isn’t nice. 😦

If you’re planning on attending one of the mall events (I think there is one or two going on tomorrow), ARRIVE EARLY! I got there at 2pm, but fans had been there since 7:30am. The wristbands seem to go fast, as do the posters, so try to be there as early as possible. I mean it! The earlier, the better!


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