My Thoughts on “The Hunger Games”.

The Hunger Games is the best book to movie adaption I think I have ever seen.

Is The Hunger Games a perfect movie? No. Is it a perfect adaptation? Yes. When a beloved book is brought to the big screen, there will be changes, and there will definitely be fans that nitpick over everything (I was definitely one of them when it came to the casting of the trio). But even though some things were cut from the movie, the movie still managed to perfectly capture the story. I think my only problem with the movie was the ending. I don’t want to spoil it because I know that not everyone has seen the movie just yet, but the ending with Katniss and Peeta wasn’t what I was expecting (definitely the biggest change from the book).

Back to the casting:

When it comes to the trio, Jennifer Lawrence manages to steal the movie as Katniss. I will admit that I wasn’t a fan of her casting (as she had yet to impress me acting wise), but she is Katniss. Josh is the perfect Peeta, especially during his interview with Caesar. And to my complete surprise, Liam managed to pull of Gale rather nicely. Which I was not expecting (he was another one who had yet to impress me with their acting). But I think Elizabeth Banks as Effie manages to steal every scene she is in (especially the table scene). Talk about perfect casting!

The added scenes in The Hunger Games were wonderful, especially the scenes between Seneca Crane and President Snow. I really liked being able to see what was going on outside of Katniss’ point of view. Well done to Collins and Ross!

The important scenes that Ross managed to nail perfectly:

  • Rue’s death is handled wonderfully. Seriously, the entire audience (both times) fell silent after Rue was hit. Even my friend who hasn’t read the books was in near tears.
  • The reaping: sure, by the time the movie was released, it seemed as though we’d already watched the reaping scene 75039753709370967 times. But still, it was perfect.
  • Cato’s death/the beasts: sure, the beasts weren’t as creepy as they were in the books, but they were still pretty awesome. And Cato’s death was almost exactly how I pictured it while reading the book.
  • Clove’s death: No comment other than it is perfect.
  • The berry scene: seeing this scene on the big screen was exciting. That may sound strange, but to me, it’s the first real step in Katniss’ fight against the Capitol. This scene could’ve come across as cheesy, but it didn’t.

My favorite part of the movie would have to be the riot scene.

My least favorite part of the movie would have to be the hallucination scene.

In all honesty, The Hunger Games isn’t a perfect movie. But as an adaption, it is as close to perfect as it can be.  Now give me Catching Fire (you have no idea how excited I am for Finnick and Johanna).

You know what I’ve decided? While Mockingjay is the weakest of the three books, with Jennifer playing Katniss, I think it actually has the potential to be my favorite whenever it hits the big screen (I’m guessing late 2014 since Catching Fire is in November 2013).

For those not following the box office numbers, here is how The Hunger Games is doing:

The numbers (estimates until Monday):

  • Opening Weekend:  $155,000,000 (#1 rank, 4,137 theaters, $37,467 average)

Basically: The Hunger Games is killing it at the box office right now.


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