Where I’ve Been…

No, I didn’t just drop off the face of the Earth after the blog closing announcement. Unfortunately, I’m sick. Again. Between that and the drama (that even managed to find its way onto a gossip site that I read at work – hey, I have to amuse myself somehow)…I figured it’d be best to just stay back for right now.

I plan on taking another day to rest (this bug just doesn’t want to go away). By then, I’m hoping that things will have settled down a bit. I’m not going to really comment on what’s been going, all I will say is that I completely understand why folks are upset. Completely. And that is all you will be getting out of me concerning that one.

I do have a few reviews saved on my laptop that will be posted here soon. Probably this weekend. Books I’ve started reviews for, but have yet to publish: THE ONE THAT I WANT, STARTERS, ASCEND (will be up first), and THIS IS NOT A TEST.

So that is that.

I’m just sick and sleep is my top priority at the moment.

P.S. The winner of the eBook giveaway for the Experiment in Terror series will be notified within the next few days (I have picked a winner, and you’ll be hearing from either Julie or Karina soon). I’ll have the actual winner post up on Friday.


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