Quickie eBook Giveaway!

I have a pretty big giveaway coming up this week (tomorrow, to be exact). I have some awesome books up for grabs to celebrate this past year of blogging/my birthday. But before I do that giveaway, I wanted to do a quickie giveaway.

I’m giving away two PDF copies of my YA novella, NO PLACE LIKE HOME. I’m currently editing two novels that I plan to self-publish in August, which is why you haven’t really heard from me – well, that and the fact that I’m dealing with my grandmother’s ailing health. I haven’t really had time to read, so I haven’t really had any reviews to post. Anyways, enough rambling. I’m offering up two PDF copies of NO PLACE LIKE HOME to two random readers (you don’t have to review it, but reviews would be lovely).

How do you enter?

Simply send me an (NLSobon[at]gmail[dot]com) by 12AM Eastern Time tonight.

You must be at least thirteen years old to enter.

That simple.

What’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME about? Here you go:

Description from Goodreads:

Her death will reveal the truth.

Savannah awoke in the woods, her skin covered with cuts, blood dripping down her body. But she didn’t know what happened. She didn’t know why she was there, or why she was bleeding. And she couldn’t figure out why she was standing mere feet from her corpse. Everyone thinks that she’s run away, that she’s finally hit rock bottom. But Savannah’s death will reveal the truth.

Some secrets are better left hidden.


This isn’t a love-story (you’ll get some of that with CAPTURE in August). It’s a novella about broken individuals. If you’re still interested, just make sure to send an e-mail before midnight eastern time.

I only have PDFs available for the giveaway. I can’t provide other formats at this time. Sorry!



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