Book Trailers

I posted this on my writing blog (here), but I never actually posted it here.

I am officially open to book trailer requests.

Here’s more information on how this will work:

  • A book trailer will cost you $50.00.
  • You will need to provide the video’s or image’s (if you’d like to use a stock image). I will also have a slew of images available for you to pick from, but to use those in your trailer it’ll be an extra $3 per image.
  • If you have a specific song that you’d like to you, you’ll need to let me know. To clarify some things: I mean royalty free music. I’ve used actual music in the videos below, but on my original trailers I’ve used royalty free music. If you use a popular track, the video will be blocked in some countries and your video can (and probably will) be deleted.
  • All trailers will be uploaded onto my YouTube account (paintthisr3d).
  • Payments will only be accepted via PayPal (it’ll make it easier to print receipts come tax time).
  • You will need to e-mail me at NicoleSobonBooks(at)gmail(dot)com with the following: Your book title, a blurb, the release date, your cover image, and what you’d like in the trailer.

Here are some book trailers I’ve made:

All of my “stock images” (which you can only use with my permission), are available here. I’m still uploading a bunch of stock images. You can also purchase stock images and footage from Shutterstock (don’t worry, any footage/images that you submit for your trailer will only be made available for your trailer – I will not use them elsewhere.)

After you contact me with what you’d like, I will e-mail you a PDF form to fill out (an agreement). I will work with you to make sure the trailer is what you wanted – I’m in no way trying to make you pay for a project that you hate. I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of Sony Vegas, so while I may not be the best, I think I can make a suitable trailer for you. 🙂

I may open to book covers down the road as well (once I get Photoshop working properly  on my laptop again).


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